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Dandelion Colorado Noxious Weed
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False Chamomile

The invasion, establishment and spread of noxious weeds is one of the most serious threats to our natural resources today. Our wildlife, native vegetation, water quality, aesthetics and forest production have been or are at risk of being altered to unacceptable levels due to noxious weeds. A healthy lawn is better situated to tolerate our extreme mountain weather, from extended periods of drought to excessive monsoonal moisture a properly managed lawn will survive and thrive. Many areas in our mountain communities may have or are thinking about mandating removal of noxious weeds Ascent Tree and Turf Services can help. Whether you are an individual homeowner whose lawn has lost its luster, a property manager or municipality, Ascent Tree and Turf Services can offer an individual turf and weed remediation management plan for you. We offer fertilization, weed removal, crab grass management, soil amendment applications to roadside and public area noxious weed remediation projects.

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Please click the link below to the Colorado Department of Agriculture to view images of noxious weeds that may be on your property:
Department of Agriculture - Noxious Weed Images

From Lawn/Turf needs, Mountain Pine Beetle, Pine Needle Scale, to Aphids and Oyster Shell scale and Aspen Scale, Ascent Tree and Turf Services can offer the correct diagnosis and proper applications. There are many different forces affecting our beautiful landscape and it is worth getting your tree and turf needs evaluated to save your landscape investment.

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